What We Do Information about our services

Basic Overview

We provide IT support to small and medium sized businesses, as well as commercial support for national projects. The important thing to note is that technology is constantly changing and with change comes responsibility. Any change to technology will affect a company's data, which is the most important asset to any businesses. Using our experience, we aim to help businesses decide on the correct technology to use for their business by taking the time to discuss their needs. We provide support services to the following sectors in and around the Western Cape area:

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Commercial Projects
  • Schools
  • Non-profit Organisations

Our objective is to reduce your IT costs and alleviate your IT related stress. Box Republic dedicates its time to manage your technology in order for you to stay focused on your vision, mission and core services. We are as committed to you as you are to your clients.

Brief Service Overview

Box Republic takes pride in networking and managing computer networks. We excel at line/link management, load balancing, aggregation and bandwidth accounting. We are also good at routing, traffic management, traffic prioritisation and traffic filtering. We also offer enterprise-ready network security solutions such as firewalling, subverting unauthorized access and various types of network abuse. We perform solid network backups and network monitoring.

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