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Basic Overview

Box Republic (Pty) Ltd was formed in April 2013 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company currently has a local footprint and services NGO's and SMME's in and around the Cape Town area. However, the company is working towards developing a national footprint as well as servicing large businesses and organisations at that level.

Box Republic operates in the information technology sector and specialises in producing cost-effective IT solutions using predominantly open source technologies. The company believes that open source software provides businesses with superb flexibility and customizability which cannot be undermined. Box Republic is looking to manage these types of business IT networks, systems and servers. The company will also install custom servers for businesses with special needs.

Competent Programming and Scripting  //  Intelligent System Design  //  Knowledgeable Linux + BSD Support  //  Knowledgeable Windows Server and Client Support    Enquire Here