System Engineering A description of system engineering to follow

Our system engineering is reliable and efficient. We manage both Linux and Unix operating systems. We are competent and well equipped system engineers capable of managing busy systems and networks. While we align our ideas and custom solutions with best industry standards, we have a flexible approach to our system design. Our systems are mainly customised using Shell, LUA, PHP and C. We write plugins for some open source software, including popular projects such as Nagios and Asterisk. If you are unsure whether we can meet your requirements, please contact us.

System Engineering Features Core features of our system engineering to follow

Failover and High Availablility
Load balancing, clusters, distributed processing and scalable infrastructure.
Load Balancing
Server clusters to handle huge loads. Can handle large numbers of packets per second.
Capacity and Scalibility
Systems are not only designed to meet the expected capacity but also to allow room to scale.
Packets entering and exiting the system are sanitised and streamlined to optimise flow.
System Updates
Installation and maintenance of package updates, security updates, manual patching.
Backup and Recovery Management
Local and remote, bare metal, sync or full, compressed, data recovery and snapshots.
Remote and Onsite Support
Remote support is the preferred method of support, onsite support can be provided if physical access is possible and remote support is not possible.
Hardware Procurement and Repair
Sourced from top distributors, desktop hardware, laptop hardware and server hardware.
System Upgrades and Migrations
Distribution upgrades, migrations to different hardware and platforms.
System Monitoring
Services/daemons, ports, graphs, uptime, pattern identification and email queues.
Quality Code and Scripting
Competent programming, scripting and a vast array of system automation experience.
System Security
TCP/IP, service/daemon hardening, packet filtering, layer 7 filtering, rootkits, malware and spam.
:: Update Notifications ::
PHP 7.0.4 available
PHP v7.0.4 now available on all web servers. Check in the control panel.

Roundcube updated to 1.1.4
Roundcube Webmail updated to latest (v1.1.4) on all hosting servers.

Roundcube updated to 1.1.3
Roundcube Webmail updated to latest (v1.1.3) on all hosting servers.

MySQL 5.6 available
MySQL v5.6 now available on all web servers.

Roundcube updated to 1.1.2
Roundcube Webmail updated to latest (v1.1.2) on all hosting servers.

PHP 7 available
PHP v7.0 beta now available on all web servers. Check in the control panel.

PHPMyAdmin updated to 4.1.1
PHPMyAdmin updated to latest (v4.1.1) on all hosting servers.

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